This month, we begin a journey that starts with a single chip: The ODIN A100.

Please see our kickstarter page and announcement video for the brief rundown:

Kickstarter link: Project Odin

My team and I, three founding members of Project ODIN and The Mage's Guild, LLC. are interested in developing the next generation of silicon fabrication plants, or "fabs" using open source tooling and community driven projects.

We are a team of life-long computer science students and educators who are seeking to find opportunity in the need for increased access to open source hardware tools. We seek to empower end users through the development of easy-to-understand technologies that allow users to lift themselves up and provide services for themselves, rather than obfuscating technology to ensure proprietary control over users' choices.

We are members of both 8-bit and cloud development communities and we have a wide range of expertise to draw from. We seek to produce new designs using the latest standards and technologies, but without eschewing the power of existing technologies. We want to bridge the gap between prohibitive, proprietary technologies of the past and today, and the open source tooling that will be required for an equitable world; starting today and lasting well into the future.

Join us on our mission to ensure that the future of open source hardware is secured. It is more important than ever to ensure future generations have complete control of, and the tools to deeply understand, the technologies that will be further integrated into every aspect of their life. For us, this is a mission; a necessity, and something that will hopefully happen with or without us. We hope to be a part of the process, though, and by funding us on KickStarter, you can help us achieve that mission.

Our eventual goal is not just a single video chip, but a fleet of chips that can be used in various aspects of computer design. From bootstrap to shutdown, we'd like every component in the system to be fully, completely, and succinctly documented; allowing any person living to design their own, unique computing systems for whatever purposes they may desire.

This will empower many organizations and individuals to develop entirely novel solutions across a wide range of industries and disciplines. It will also increase computer and technological literacy across the globe, further empowering the common people.

Join us in the Open Source Hardware revolution, will you? The future may well depend on it.

Project ODIN - Open Dedicated video INterface

MagesGuild by Magus Gaius Mycelius, Jocundus is licensed under CC BY 4.0