About The Mage's Guild

The Mage's Guild is my company that I've been attempting to start for many years. The first iteration was to be a non-profit, educational program but the students I had gathered lost interest. All except one, that is, my friend, brother, and colleague, Young_Coder. Along with octacore4F, we are the founders of today's Mage's Guild (or magesguild,) seeking to become leaders in the next generation of fabricated chip technologies and open source, community driven hardware design.

We are products of our time, and of our needs. We see the need for these designs around us everyday, and we see others fulfilling those needs in fascinating and unique ways. We believe that by pooling our resources as a community, we can build new standards for ourselves and to be used by anyone and everyone!

Join us in our mission to bring computing power back to the people!

MagesGuild by Magus Gaius Mycelius, Jocundus is licensed under CC BY 4.0